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How long does the shipping take or when will I receive the ordered products?
How long does shipping take or when will you receive your ordered products. The average delivery time for ordered goods is 3-7 days if it is being shipped from the US (that is the case most of the time). When a product is being delivered with a fast express shipping service like FedEx, etc. (you will find it written in that case), it may take 1-4 days. There are other factors that affect delivery, such as the time of year and whether there is a festival taking place, like X-Mas or Valentine’s Day, for which you need to place your order ahead of time to ensure it is delivered in time. Always read the shipping information provided in the product description before placing the orders. Please note that orders will not be refunded in case you did not read through the shipping instruction before ordering a product and would like to cancel due to delivery timeline where as the timeline was provided very clearly for that product,The good news is that as soon as the order is processed, tracking information will be provided to you. The website allows you to track every shipment. You can always contact our whatsapp support to know about shipping details by providing order reference,
Where are the products from?

Our products are predominantly “print on demand” products. We design the products, showcase through our website and have them printed, stitched, packaged, and delivered to you upon receiving the order. We use the best of the best materials, and really trustworthy printing / stitching facilities, located mostly in the United States, but also in Europe and China, depending on the product. Other than print-on-demand products, we handpick and verify dropship items from all around the world. Our company is committed to being environmentally friendly. As soon as we have the space and resources, we will establish an urban forest around our offices so support us.

How easy is the Returns and Refunds process?

Return and Refund process always have some manual intervention, we use client first policy and not greedy. We appreciate that you contact our Refunds or Returns team before raising any dispute. The mechanism has already been provided in our related policies.

Can i get a free sample of your products?

Unfortunately no, we would love to start shipping free samples or gifts but the maximum generality possible at this stage is to keep bringing discount coupons on every occasion, and we are doing that.

Having trouble in finding a coupon to use, reach out to our support team they will provide you one.

What are your support timings?

Even though we have specified some timings for US market, but trust us, we can be available anytime. This is due to the fact that we are serving the worldwide clients so if it is day in the US, there is night in Dubai and both clients are of equal importance to us. So we keep on rotating our support staff between different time zones based on client load.

And obviously there could be time when you may not get a support person responding immediately. don’t worry, we will get back within an hour or within few hours.

What is your reliability? Why do i order, Is my Money Safe?

Your money is absolutely safe, because:

1- We are a registered Legal business in United States.

2- You will be paying through reliable payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal. Your credit or debit card information will never be caught by our systems rather it is being handled through these reliable payment gateways.

3- We are accessible and reachable at all times, all contacts are provided.

4- There are numerous satisficed customers who tend to come back to us again and again. Their testimonials are verifiable.

5- In these challenging global supply chain conditions, we are doing business and organically growing and obviously not as big as Amazon or Ebay etc.

Stop worrying, give us a try, Yes, you can start with a small order!

Any further questions, just reach out to us.



Do i get the tracking information for my orders?

Yes, sometimes immediately, or sometimes after we process the order we manually add the tracking information for your shipments in the system. It done mostly within 24 hours of order placement.

The shipment tracking information can be accessible by login to the website in “My Account” –> “Orders”  area.

What is the story of Pin2Mart?

Pin2Mart.com is an online business based in Delaware, United States of America.  The story of our company is quite simple. A group of friends started designing and getting apparel products printed and stitched for their friends and family on a small scale. People loved the products because of the latest design, the affordable prices and the reliability of service. Today, that same business is online, doing what it does best, and growing.

We can proudly say that our products are now being ordered worldwide though this online shopping store.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us via whatsapp, phone or  contact.

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