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Who we are?

We specialize in designing, sourcing and delivering high quality apparel, home décor and consumer goods to our world-wide Customers.

Pin2 Mart is owned by Pin2 LLC and we are based out of Delaware, United States. Our design houses and delivery fulfillment centers are strategically located across Europe, Canada and the United States.


We are giving 101 reasons to shine to the Generation Z.

The fashion of today is much different from the fashion of previous generations. In the past, fashion was not a constant thing; it changed based on social factors. People bought clothing to fit in with their social class and peers. But today, Generation Z is changing that notion by choosing what they wear based on their own individual taste and style.

A team of creative designers with stunning results.

“It’s our aim to create products that are comfortable, beautiful and stylish – the perfect complement for all occasions.” “We strive each week not only towards new design trends and concepts but also making sure their fit with everything in life”.

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